Various Types of Domestic Violence

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Many times, a person is accused of domestic violence. Fortunately, this is a broad term that encompasses various behaviors. Most people associate violence with physical control. However, it may entail emotional, financial, or psychological behaviors. Like with DUI charges, being convicted of domestic violence may ruin your life. If you have been accused of this type of crime, it is essential to work with an experienced domestic violence attorney.

Physical Abuse

Most common, taking physical control and conducting violent behavior is the most prevalent form of domestic violence. For example, a person may be accused of kicking, slapping, punching, choking, or similar actions. However, there must be proof of injury. Usually, it results in a trip to the hospital.

Emotional Abuse

Even though emotional abuse is not tangible, it falls under the definition of domestic violence. It involves the destruction of a person's self-worth. For instance, if an individual constantly insults, humiliates, or criticizes another person, it is classified as emotional abuse. Since this type of domestic violence does not include physical control, it is difficult to prove, especially in Florida. When a person suffers from this kind of abuse, it is advised to keep notes and records. For example, it is wise to save text that contains harassing messages.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse goes beyond the scope of rape and sexual assault. In fact, it encompasses harassment that includes unwelcomed touches. Also, it may include coercion to avoid contraception or force to have an abortion.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse takes numerous forms and may be less obvious than more physical forms of abuse. For instance, one spouse may prevent the other from obtaining a job outside of their home or from going back to school for further education. Oftentimes, it occurs in families where one partner depends on the other for financial means. The person being accused withholds money to pay for food, clothing, or other basic needs.

Psychological Abuse

Psychological abuse is any behavior that intimidates, threatens, or causes fear in another individual on a constant basis. For example, threatening a person with violence or preventing someone from leaving the home falls under this type of abuse.

If you need legal advice regarding domestic violence, you should work with an experienced law firm. At Monroe & King, P.A., we can handle a case of this nature. We specialize in all types of criminal offenses, including DUI cases, domestic violence charges, and white-collar crimes. For assistance, call us for a consultation at (904) 474-3115.

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